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Pepe State Tax Consulting (PSTC) provides various state and local tax services, specializing in Florida sales and use tax, communications services tax, and documentary stamp tax. PSTC is networked with other state, local, and federal tax experts, and will always recommend that other experts or legal counsel be consulted when presented with issues or projects beyond our level of expertise or ability.

About Ralph Pepe

Ralph Pepe worked as the leader of the North Florida sales and use tax practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers. His responsibilities included designing and implementation of state tax minimization strategies, defending clients in sales tax audits, analyzing state tax consequences of various business transactions, performing refund analysis and refund claims (reverse audits), researching state tax issues, and drafting technical ruling requests on behalf of clients. Prior to PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ralph served in the Office of the General Counsel in the Florida Department of Revenue. He handled sales tax matters and telecommunications tax matters at the state. He acted as a conferee in the resolution of sales and use tax audits, assisted in drafting tax legislation and bill analyses for the Florida Legislature, drafted tax regulations for the Florida Administrative Code, authored tax rulings (TAAs and LTAs) to affected taxpayers, and provided taxpayers with assistance on various sales tax and telecommunications tax matters. Ralph is a frequent lecturer for Lorman and NBI sales tax seminars, and is an author for Lexis/Nexis sales tax practice insights. Ralph has a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Miami, a law degree from the Florida State University College of Law, and an LL.M. in taxation from the University of Florida. He is a member of the tax section of the Florida Bar.

Why choose PSTC over a Large Accounting Firm or Law Firm?

PSTC concentrates its efforts in a narrow specialty: state taxation. PSTC focuses on a particular area of expertise, and doesn't try to be a jack of all trades. Additionally, because of the size of this firm, you will receive a much more personal service than you would at a large accounting firm or law firm. Because I am not saddled with large "billable hour" goals or revenue goals, I can dedicate my time to quality and excellence rather than volume. PSTC only provides services in areas where we have a high level of expertise, so there is no learning curve which clients normally pay for at larger accounting firms and law firms. Finally, lower overhead enables PSTC to charge much less per hour than do larger law firms and accounting firms. All in all, at PSTC, I will provide you with a service that is more personal in nature, higher in quality, and lower in cost than you would receive from a large law firm or accounting firm.


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